Cox, Matthews, and Associates, Inc., the publisher of DIVERSE: Issues in Higher Education, has announced the launching of its new website, The company positions the site as “the premiere online shopping source for books from publishers of scholarly works,” offering a comprehensive list of titles on issues related to diversity in higher education. Books on a variety of other scholarly, intellectual and technical topics will also be available.

“What we are doing is adding another component to our offerings for our audience,” said William E. Cox Sr., president and co-founder of Cox, Matthews, and Associates, Inc. “We want to operate as a fully functioning higher education book distributor that will focus on academic and scholarly titles. We will be servicing the needs of commercial presses, professional and educational organizations, university publishers and small presses.”

Cox noted that CMA is celebrating its 25th anniversary in magazine publishing this year and that the new e-commerce website is part of a series of new offerings the company plans, beginning in 2010.

He added that the book site would be “more than just a compilation of books and titles.” will also feature reviews, profiles and other articles related to academics and the world of publishing scholarly, intellectual and technical books. The website developers and editors also plan to add multimedia and other content to serve the higher education and business audiences.

“We will have editorial content, blogs and social networks (including Facebook) that will be of interest to the people who already read our higher-education news through and who are attracted to to buy books and read about books for the scholar and intellectual,” Cox said. To read more about this story, click here.

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