Corporate Citizenship Isn’t Like Going To Confession

Good corporate citizenship is a bit like serving in the Peace Corp: you can’t really do it half-cocked or just for a couple of weeks; you can’t say you’ve done it if you are only thinking about doing it (or saying you did it to impress girls, but don’t have results to back it up); you shouldn’t even consider doing it if you actually don’t care about the people you are going to help, and are actually in it to pad your resume or avoid the draft; and you should try to stay involved with your projects even after you leave.

But if marketers at major brands are trying to honestly figure out how corporate citizenship can be part of business rather than a cost center for pure philanthropy (or, to borrow a cliché, how to “do well by doing good”) a new study by Landor unveiled in Cannes this week should help them make the case to their boards. Read More »