Hispanicize party held at a mansion on the bay

The DK leadership team, Natasha Pongonis and Eric Diaz, just got back from Hispanicize 2012 and really were amazed by the overall experience.  Here they want to share a few thoughts from their team that other marketers and bloggers may consider for their future conference decisions.  To view all their photos from the Hispanicize conference check out the DK Facebook page.

Bloggers in Force!

There were many, many Latina bloggers at the conference.  DK works with many bloggers on brand messaging, so to have a chance to meet and socialize with them is really a great opportunity.  Many blogging favorites were there including Jeannette Kaplun of Todobebe, Romina Tibytt of Mama XXI, and Alexandra Morbitzer of Fit Latina.  It was also great to spend some time with some of the amazing cause bloggers such as Laurita Tellado of Holdin’ out for a Hero, fashion bloggers including Mercedes Sanchez of Be Chic Magazine, and food bloggers like Nicole Presley of Presleys Pantry.

Read the entire story on the Social Media Spanish blog.

Hispanicize party held at a mansion on the bay
Hispanicize party held at a mansion on the bay
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