Thoughts from Public Relations Blog From Down the Avenue about ConAgra’s recent Public Relations snafu.

I read the article below about a ConAgra Foods PR stunt with bloggers in disbelief. What on earth were the marketing and PR team thinking?

Of course it’s a bait and switch and not a good one. They’re food bloggers and you serve them processed boxed food from a “brand” when they think they’re getting a hand-made meal by a well known chef? Who wouldn’t be pissed and rightfully so?

I kept thinking throughout – their marketing team should be canned for SO not getting how off color this is not to mention off target.

The article below is reposted from the New York Times and Peter Shankman is SPOT ON – Ketchum should have known better. This is ethics 101 folks…ethics 101. Bait and switch is uncool for any marketing campaign but with bloggers who are going to WRITE about their experience. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?

Here’s a link to The New York Times article: Bloggers Don’t Follow the Script, to ConAgra’s Chagrin

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