DIÁLOGO was named the public relations agency of record (AOR) for Compralatino to increase the online market place company’ brand recognition and develop customer channels within the U.S. and Latin American business markets.   DIÁLOGO ‘s charter for Compralatino includes strategic Hispanic-focused public relations consultation and services in print, broadcast, and online media relations and assorted digital/social services.

Following an agency review, the San Diego-based online marketplace company determined DIÁLOGO could best generate awareness about its brand and expand its customer base.  DIÁLOGO conducted an analysis to define Compralatino’s unique value proposition and used this information to develop the strategic public relations plan.

Compralatino is an interactive online marketplace where shoppers can find and purchase top-branded products and services from Latino Businesses.  The interactive online platform combines a Spanish and English language Latino-focused business directory with an e-commerce marketplace populated with personalized e-stores that sell products and services from brands.

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