In celebration of Black History Month in February, PRSA invited prominent black leaders in the public relations profession to offer their views and ideas for achieving greater racial and ethnic diversity in the industry. This is the first in the series.

PRSA is also curating articles and blog posts throughout Black History Month via an open and collaborative wiki. Check out our Black History Month wiki here and add your posts.

It’s not a coincidence that the words “diverge” and “diverse” begin with the same five letters. When you peel back their common usages, what you will find is that both of these words can be connected by a common theme: different.

As the month of February begins and many Americans look to honor and celebrate Black History Month, diversity will get a little more attention than it typically enjoys. Employers across the spectrum will tout the diversity of their workforce, or highlight their support of minorities and/or minority issues. And while the advances many employers have made in minority hiring should be applauded, there is one internal function that could benefit from the addition of some different voices, and that is communications.

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