High school seniors can apply to Colgate’s “Haz la U” scholarship program by visiting www.colgate.com/hazlau.

Colgate-Palmolive will celebrate September’s Hispanic Heritage Month with the kick-off of this year’s “Haz la U” (“Make the U”) scholarship program. In partnership with the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, Colgate’s “Haz la U” will award educational grants to eligible Hispanic-American students pursuing higher education.

The educational achievement gap facing Hispanic-American children remains a significant issue. One of every three Hispanic-American students fails to complete high school and, according to recent U.S. Census estimates, only about 9 percent of Hispanics have bachelor’s degrees.

“We’re proud to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with the Hispanic Scholarship Fund,” said David Cardona, Marketing Director, Multicultural Marketing, Colgate-Palmolive. “Colgate has long been active in supporting the Latino community and this initiative aims to encourage rising generations to pursue high education. With the support of the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, our ‘Haz la U’ program provides scholarship opportunities and educational outreach support to Hispanic-American students.”

From now until December 31, 2010, high school seniors can apply to Colgate’s “Haz la U” scholarship program by visiting www.colgate.com/hazlau. One grand prize winner will be awarded a one-time, $15,000 educational grant and 10 applicants will be honored with a one-time $2,500 educational grant. Eligible candidates must demonstrate strong academic performance and community commitment. All entries must comply with the program rules and guidelines.

“A lack of understanding about college requirements and limited finances are often barriers to attending college for Hispanic families,” said Frank Alvarez, President and CEO, Hispanic Scholarship Fund. “Our mission is to strengthen America by advancing the college education of Hispanic-Americans. We’re proud to continue this mission by partnering with Colgate on “Haz la U”, which provides scholarship opportunities to young Latinos aspiring to achieve higher education goals.”

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  1. Good Afternoon Sir/Madam:

    My daughter is a senior at Aqunias High School in the Bronx and is an African American child. Can she qualify for you scholarship program or is strickly for hispanic high school senior?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Jettie Brown – 914-664-2198

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