The public relations campaign assignment will kick off with Hispanic consumer and Food & Beverage industry awareness to position the innovative kitchenware company within the U.S. Latino market.

 In anticipation of its expansion into the U.S. Hispanic market, Coco Jack is taking its Hispanic market public relations to Diálogo Public Relations. Following an agency review, the Coco Jack determined that Diálogo could best increase its brand recognition, and develop distribution and Hispanic consumer channels.

Diálogo’s Hispanic media expertise, Food & Beverage industry contacts and seasoned team were key decision factors for the rapidly expanding company.

Work provided by Diálogo will include Food & Beverage industry education on the benefits of Coco Jack’s products and brand awareness with retail and Hispanic consumers.

Coco Jack targets a broad demographic including consumers, retailers and distributors of specialty kitchenware. The company offers a complete line of tools for Young Thai Coconuts. The Coco Jack, Mallet and Scoop are their core products as well as several auxiliary products to

“Coco Jack has tremendous growth potential,” said Richie Matthews, President of Diálogo Public Relations. “The timing is right to take this brand to the next level by helping to increase brand recognition to activate Hispanic consumers in key markets and develop a network distribution industry partners.”

Diálogo is conducting an analysis to define Coco Jack’s unique value proposition and will use this information to develop the strategic public relations plan. The agency is working with Coco Jack to launch a public relations campaign to reach specific Food & Beverage industry markets and Hispanics throughout the U.S

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