Coca-Cola kicks off random acts of kindness campaign geared towards Latinos


Screenshot: “Haz a Alguien Feliz” commercial on YouTube.


Have you made someone happy today? Centered on this thoughtful concept, Coca-Cola will be spreading joy throughout the holiday season in the Hispanic community. “Haz a Alguien Feliz” encourages celebrating this festive time by doing a random act of kindness. Whether by bringing cookies to the office, joining mom to watch her favorite novela, giving a ride to a friend or washing the dishes for a week, these acts of kindness that are neither expensive nor time-consuming bring people and communities closer, and celebrate the true meaning of the holidays.

“At Coca-Cola, we believe that there is much more to the holidays than opening presents,” said Alba Adamo, Group Director of Hispanic Marketing at The Coca-Cola Company. “The gifts that can make someone truly happy don’t come with a price tag, and the holidays are the perfect time to share happiness with our friends and loved ones.”

To take part in this selfless initiative, people are encouraged to post a picture with a written note of what their random act of kindness will be, or one showing how they have already made someone happy. Using the hashtag #HazAlguienFeliz, participants can upload their photos to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to spread the joy this holiday season. Social influencers from key Hispanic markets, San Antonio, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Miami, will be hitting the streets to stir conversations, encourage people to participate in this celebration and document the smiles and joy that selfless acts bring to communities.

“Haz a Alguien Feliz” will take the national stage December 6, with a special one-hour television segment “La hora de la felicidad” during Univision’s longest running program, Sabado Gigante. The episode revolves around emotional acts of kindness showing the joy these simple acts can bring to individuals regardless of their background, nationality or age. In the spirit of the holidays, people across the nation are joining the movement, including renowned television sportscaster Fernando Fiore, female empowerment advocate Nely Galán and top Latino social influencers Lance Rios and Camila Canabal. An online vignette shared via Facebook and Twitter will feature these influencers capturing the joy, smiles and positive impact that small acts have on everyday people.

“It’s very easy to surprise someone with an act of kindness, yet we get wrapped up in our everyday routines and forget that we all have the power to brighten someone else’s day. That’s why Coca-Cola is leading this initiative; taking a moment to make someone else happy will brighten this holiday season,” said Adamo.

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