Passion.  Pride.  Love. That’s what Mexican soccer fans feel for their team. Each match brings millions of people together year after year, generation after generation. Coca-Cola shares that same unconditional commitment, captured in a new Hispanic marketing campaign that celebrates the passion for the sport, the fans and the 30-year relationship with the Mexican National Team (MNT).

The campaign includes a new television commercial titled “Wave,” that speaks to fans who share the love for the sport and the traditions that bring people together match after match.


“Seventy percent of the 52 million Hispanics in the U.S. today are Mexican or of Mexican descent, and many continue to follow their team,” said Lauventria Robinson, VP Multicultural Marketing, Coca-Cola North America Group. “Coca-Cola’s involvement in this campaign hits very close to home because we understand the feeling, the excitement, the hope, and the need to cheer and follow the Mexican National Team.”


Mexican soccer matches in the United States can be considered home games for the MNT. Coca-Cola understands that passionate ‘home field’ advantage for Mexico – even against the United States – and the importance of passing it on to future generations.


Shot on location in Mexico City’s fabled Estadio Azteca, “Wave” shows Mexico fans’ unrelenting support for the Mexican National Team. The film starts in 1986, when an avid fan accidentally starts a wave, or “Ola,” after a near miss by Mexico. The wave then travels around the stadium, and also through time. We follow it as it goes through all the decades, taking us into the future, to 2014, where we reconnect with the avid fan from the beginning. Only this time, the fan has his son with him, keeping the support alive. They celebrate a goal with an ice-cold Coca-Cola as it ends with the message, “never stop believing.” “Wave” was created by Ogilvy & Mather.

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