While Cinco de Mayo is seen as an Americanized holiday, in fact, half of the country’s 52M Hispanics plan to celebrate this year according to YaSabe. The two companies released an infographic  based on survey data that speaks to the buying power of this growing market.
A few highlights:

  • 18% of US Hispanics will celebrate at restaurants and bars
  • 35%+ will celebrate at home or in the homes of friends or family
  • 30%+ will spend more than $40 each on festivities
  • Beer is by far the favorite Cinco de Mayo drink and Corona is the favorite brand


Restaurants and bars all over the country are getting ready for Cinco de Mayo, offering coupons and expecting big crowds. According to the survey, celebrants at restaurants and bars will include 18% of the nation’s Hispanic population while more than 35% of Hispanics plan to mark the occasion by hosting parties or in the homes of friends or family. In addition, over 30% of U.S. Hispanics said they will spend more than $40 each on festivities.

Margaritas may flow plentifully among bar hoppers, but beer (cerveza) edges out all other tequila-laden libations in the poll with pina coladas coming in third. Stock up on limes, because Corona is by far the most popular brand of beer among U.S. Hispanics polled. Valpak announced a partnership with YaSabe.com this past January to enter the expanding US Hispanic market. YaSabe will enable users to find and discover Valpak coupons and special offers online and from their mobile phones.

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