Readers’ choice survey identifies employers of technical professionals “doing the best work promoting diversity, and supporting minorities and women, work/life balance and supplier diversity”

The readers of Diversity/Careers in Engineering & Information Technology magazine have named Chrysler Group to the magazine’s “Best Companies For Diversity” list for 2011.  This annual reader survey identifies employers of technical professionals in the U.S. the magazine’s readers believe “are doing the best work promoting diversity and supporting women and minorities, work/life balance and supplier diversity.”

The readers’ choices were based on their perceptions, formed by their own experiences, their conversations with others and what they’d read about the employers.  Readers were asked to affirm the status of employers that have been recognized as Best Diversity Companies in previous reader surveys conducted by the magazine, and were given the opportunity to include new employers “whose diversity initiatives were particularly striking.”

This was the first time since the Best Diversity Companies Readers Survey was launched five years ago that Chrysler Group was selected.  The readers who took part in the survey were diverse, college-educated technical professionals and students that included women, African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Asian Americans, veterans, and people with disabilities.

“At Chrysler Group, our commitment to diversity is enterprise-wide and comprehensive,” said Lisa J. Wicker, Head, Talent Acquisitions, Global Diversity and Compliance, Chrysler Group LLC.  “It is gratifying that our efforts to build a diverse and inclusive work culture is being recognized by a wide range of technical professionals and students who may consider Chrysler Group an excellent career destination today and in the future.”

Diversity/Careers will publish the “Best Companies” list in its June/July issue.

“The Best Companies For Diversity Readers Survey  indicates how well companies are getting their diversity messages across,” said Roberta Renard, Publisher, Diversity/Careers in Engineering & Information Technology magazine.  “Chrysler Group can be very proud that Diversity/Careers readers recognize the Company’s efforts to support diversity and communicate its vision, values and accomplishments with a diverse community comprised of technical professionals and students.”

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