Logos Bible Software appoints Iván León to lead its marketing strategy in the Hispanic segment

Logos Bible Software announced three digits of growth (120%) in the Hispanic market during the first three quarters of 2011. Currently, more than 20,000 Spanish-speaking pastors, lay religious leaders, seminary professors, and students have adopted the Logos platform as their primary tool for personal spiritual enrichment and as a preparation source for teaching.

“While the traditional publishing industry struggles to conform to the changing habits of the contemporary reader, we have experienced steady growth since we launched the first Spanish language digital library to the Hispanic market seven years ago,” stated Guillermo Powell, International Director of Spanish Products at Logos. “The demand has intensified especially this year with the introduction of LOGOS 4, the latest version of the powerful software that operates all six of the digital collections we now have available in Spanish.”

To lead the future growth in the Hispanic segment, Logos recently hired Iván León, an accomplished multicultural communications executive. With a professional career spanning over 15 years working at top secular and religious media organizations, he has accumulated a rare mix of experience as a publicist, television producer, and digital media consultant. In the newly created position, León will be responsible to develop and implement Logos’ overall marketing strategy for Spanish products.

“The incorporation of Iván adds a valuable contribution to our team. Now, with the combination of expertise, education, and pulse on the cultural and communicational trends that he brings, we will be able to achieve more effectively our mission of providing the best resources and the most advance technology tools to Hispanic Christians attracted to study the Bible,” said Powell.

Before joining Logos, León was the president of Kerux Communications Group, a private consulting firm specialized in providing expert advice to companies, non-profits and faith-based organizations seeking to establish a credible influence with Hispanic audiences. Previously, León oversaw the launch of GodTube.com en Español, which attracted half a million Latino registered users, as well as, more than a hundred exclusive content partners highly respected in the community, such as the Luis Palau Association, Focus on the Family, and Cash Luna, among others.

“Logos recognized with pioneering vision a reality that most publishers have not yet awakened. Latinos, in general, are frequent readers and also the most passionate about technology. Logos satisfies this double demand, offering 500 digital books in Spanish and accessible on any computer, tablet, or smart phone. I am thrilled to join the company and contribute to maintain its competitive edge for the benefit of any Hispanic motivated to discover the spiritual treasures contained in the Bible,” stated León.

León’s leadership is also cemented on a solid and comprehensive academic training. He earned a bachelor’s degree in communications at Liberty University and also obtained a master in theology at Dallas Theological Seminary. For more information about Logos Spanish digital libraries visit www.logos.com/es.

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