Brand Funds the USHLI’S Parent Leadership Training Program in NYC, Houston & LA

A large body of research indicates that the United States’ economic and social well-being is directly linked to the development and attainment of the Hispanic community. A White House report shows that Hispanic success in education and in the labor market is of immediate and long-term importance to the country’s economy. And with education being a key determinant in employment success and parental involvement having a great impact in academic achievement, Chivas Regal, through its Brinda al Exito program, is supporting an innovative initiative to raise Hispanic parent leadership in education.

To support the education of a new generation and to empower Hispanic parent leadership in education, Chivas Regal is pleased to provide financial support for a Parent Leadership Training program, an innovative initiative created by the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute (USHLI). The Parent Leadership Training workshops will be held in New York City, Houston and Los Angeles in the summer and fall of 2011.

USHLI’s Parent Leadership Training program is a series of workshops for parents, which are designed to help them improve their parenting skills and lead their children to be more confident, engaged and better prepared to learn.  The program better enables parents to help their children gain the knowledge and skills needed to improve their academic performance, focus on successfully completing their education, and pursue some kind of post-secondary education or training.  The Program helps train parents for their roles as leaders in the family, learn how to become more effectively involved in the education of their children, and to help them shape a better future for their families, schools and communities.

Through its Brinda al Exito program, Chivas Regal celebrates communal success and achievement such as the work being done by community-based organizations that engage others to achieve higher levels through collective success. In addition to funding the Parent Leadership Training program, the brand will celebrate Hispanic achievement at events happening in all three target markets in summer and fall 2011.

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