The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, with support from State Farm®, officially launched CHCI NextOpp, an innovative online database that provides Latino students access to academic and professional opportunities from middle school to graduate school, on Oct. 1 during CHCI’s 37th Annual Public Policy Conference inWashington, D.C.  CHCI NextOpp will strengthen the Latino leadership pipeline that feeds the workforce of tomorrow.

“The one-stop shop offered by NextOpp helps level the playing field for Latino students who may have otherwise not been exposed to these amazing and life-changing resources,” said Esther Aguilera, CHCI President and CEO. “With this exciting new website, CHCI will help thousands of Latinos achieve their educational and career dreams, and successfully guide them on the path to success.”

“State Farm supports efforts to ensure all children have access to a quality education that will allow them to achieve their greatest potential,” said State Farm Vice President of Operations Javier Rey. “NextOpp will be a great resource to help Latino students identify opportunities and reach their educational goals.”

CHCI NextOpp is a reinvigorated and easy-to-use online version of CHCI’s print National Directory of Scholarships, Internships and Fellowships for Latino Students The CHCI NextOpp database also includes financial and program resources to apply for pre-college programs, scholarships, internships, fellowships and other leadership opportunities across the United States that greatly enhance and make students more competitive in the workplace. Its robust database and system provides tailored results for students based on their unique profile, location and interests. Additionally, it includes valuable bilingual materials and resources to maximize students’ experiences, helping further inform them and their families on their journey to higher education.

CHCI NextOpp is made possible with the support of State Farm, who began sponsoring CHCI’s publication of the directory for Latino students in 2008.

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