Survey Holds Fortune 100 Companies Accountable for Diversity, Hispanic Representation in Workforce

WASHINGTON, DC – The Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) Corporate America Task Force and the Hispanic Association of Corporate Responsibility (HACR)  released the results of their Fortune 100 Corporate Inclusion Index this week.  (See the full  PDF report here, 2009 HACR Corporate Inclusion Index).  2009 Corporate Inclusion Index Cover

The data collected from HACR’s Corporate Inclusion Index, which is voluntarily submitted by Fortune 100 and HACR corporate member companies, is the centerpiece of HACR’s Corporate Accountability Strategy.  The Index is meant to encourage more U.S. corporations to engage Hispanics in their corporate responsibility initiatives.  As Chair of the CHC’s Corporate America Task Force, Rep. Joe Baca (D-Rialto) has been a leading voice in Congress on the issue of increasing Hispanic representation in Corporate America and beyond.

Rep. Baca said: “As the Latino community continues to grow in population, market share, and influence, it is critical we ensure there is adequate representation of Latinas and Latinos in all sectors and industries.  Hispanics are over 15.5% of the total population in the United States, unfortunately, as the HACR Corporate Accountability Survey results show, our representation in Corporate America is greatly lacking. For America to become a more equitable society, we must improve upon these numbers.”

Carlos Orta, president and CEO of HACR, said: “Educating HACR’s constituents about the relationship between corporate social responsibility and economic reciprocity is the linchpin of HACR’s Corporate Accountability Strategy, which will allow us to identify the best — and worst — companies for Hispanics.”

Over the next year, the CHC Corporate America Task Force and HACR will work closely with local, regional, and national Hispanic organizations in an effort to educate their diverse constituencies on which companies are responsive to the growing Hispanic population — and which ones are not.

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