LOS ANGELES, CA – The Center for Hispanic Leadership (CHL) has added three new panelists to its First Annual Leadership Summit to be held on September 18, 2010 in Los Angeles:

  • Herman Rodriguez, Director of New Business Development for AETNA will serve on the following panel: “Revealing the Anatomy of the (6 ) Core Characteristics that Define Hispanic Talent and CHL Survey Results;”
  • Linda Akutagawa, Senior Vice President for Resource and Business Development for LEAP will participate in “Diversity and the Changing Face of America’s Corporations: The Next 5 Years!;” and
  • Shawntee Reed, Manager, Talent Management and Diversity for Sears Holdings Corporation will moderate “The War for Talent in the Workplace: The new ground-rules for talent development, recruitment and retention that are being driven by multicultural and generational influence.”

Herman Rodriguez was eager to become involved with CHL following his participation in a CHL training session conducted by Founder and CEO of CHL, Glenn Llopis last June. “I strongly believe CHL’s agenda is unique and offers invaluable training for Hispanics in and out of the workplace,” says Rodriguez. “My participation affirms Aetna’s support and forward thinking leadership in its commitment to bring forward innovation through full access and inclusion, including Hispanic talent.”

Similarly, Linda Akutagawa became involved because she believes CHL’s vision fundamentally aligns with LEAP’s core values. “Our commitment to the empowerment of current and future Asian Pacific community leaders goes hand in hand with CHL’s dedication to the professional development of Hispanics in Corporate America. As such, I am very pleased to partake in its Leadership Summit,” says Akutagawa.

Lastly, Shawntee Reed reiterates that CHL’s program is distinctive in its efforts to discuss solutions for the war on talent in the workforce. “Innovation and diversity are not merely ‘buzz words’ for CHL. The agenda for the Leadership Summit is full of solutions and messages designed to educate Hispanics’ on how to harness the talent and unique perspective their diversity lends them – and institutionalize it in the workforce,” says Reed.

That CHL can captivate such leaders speaks volumes of the continued room for growth of Hispanics in the professional world. “The involvement of Hispanic leaders such as Herman Rodriguez, Linda Akutagawa and Shawntee Reed provides CHL with the ability to truly impact budding Hispanic professionals, and provide tangible direction that will serve to elevate Hispanics to the upper echelons of their professional landscape,” concludes Llopis.

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