At the end of the year the US Census will begin releasing data from the 2010 Census. The answers to ten questions will have a profound impact on how we see ourselves as a nation. Across the nation you can expect to see headlines like: “Hispanic Population Grows 42%; Non Hispanic Only Grows 5%”. The coverage will be on every news outlet. In your inbox you can expect an email from your CEO with a link to one of these articles with the question, “What is our strategy?” Not “What is our Hispanic strategy?” The census will show we’ve moved beyond that. Marketing to Hispanics will now be an integral part of every marketing strategy.

Previously, there was a lot of talk about the future along with a lot of projections, such as “In ten years the Hispanic population be this” or “In twenty years Hispanic purchasing power is projected to be that.” The census will show that we are not talking about the future. We are talking about now.

Hispanics dominate the marketing sweet spot

According to Ad Age’s white paper “2010 Hispanic America” in the age group 25-44 Hispanics grew 34% while non Hispanics in the same age group grew 0%. Yes, you read that correctly: zero percent growth for non Hispanics ages 25-44. But let’s look at the growth in age groups further:

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