Louis Pagon’s (Latino Rebranded) and Andy Checo’s commentary around the census results, and what it means for hispanic marketers…

Louis Pagon: What it Means to Live in a Multicultural Society – TEDx

M. Isabel Valdes believes that in order to engage African-Americans, Latinos, Asians, Eastern Europeans and other growing consumer segments in the United States, one must develop and deploy culturally relevant marketing strategies.

Andy Checo: What is the 2010 Census telling…

The time we were all awaiting has finally arrived. The 2010 Census data is being released and the first wave of information is all too predictable. In the video below, recorded last November at TEDx St. Louis, Isabel Valdés, In-Culture Marketing Expert, Business Development Consultant and Author, best explains the approach to multicultural marketing and the implications of what the Census will tell.

Guided by the statistics shared on this presentation, the Hispanic population is on track to hit the 50 million projection the industry has hyped in recent years. Please share your thoughts.

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