The makers of ZYRTEC® debuted a new partnership with celebrity makeup artist Jackie Gomez at Hispanicize 2014. During a private Tutorial Glamour 360, Gomez revealed six specially curated “looks” to help Latinas face their allergies and disguise ALLERGY FACE™ beauty challenges like a red nose, puffy eyes and watery eyes. Gomez joined lifestyle and beauty expert Carmen Ordoñez who addressed allergy lifestyle challenges that can cause sufferers to miss out on important moments.

Throughout the week, event attendees had the opportunity to – quite literally – face their allergies through a mirror installation showcasing ALLERGY FACE™ beauty and lifestyle tips. Guests were encouraged to snap a “selfie” in the mirrors with a tip to combat #ALLERGYFACE.

Gomez’s “looks” will be featured on the ZYRTEC® Facebook page so allergy sufferers can combat ALLERGY FACE™ and look bellas at home. Ordoñez’s lifestyle tips to help sufferers make the best of the spring allergy season will also be shared, so Latinas don’t have to miss out on any of life’s special moments or endure their ALLERGY FACE™.

For more information on the ZYRTEC® Brand and other beauty tips to combat ALLERGY FACE™, visit or find ZYRTEC® on YouTube .

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