In salute of Hispanic Heritage Month, Ogilvy & Mather’s Latino professional network, LatinRed, hosts its third annual La Feria (the fair) for its employees, key clients, and the neighboring community.

This year’s La Feria theme, “Carnaval of Creativity,” pays tribute to the ‘art of festival,’ celebrated in many parts of Latin America, which involves festivals, elaborate costumes and masks, parades and street parties. At the event, an anticipated 500 attendees will explore and learn and from the various Latin cultures from around the world, and within the Ogilvy network.

“Our founder David Ogilvy believed that, much like multiculturalism, creativity is the driving force that moves, inspires, and binds people together. This is something that we have always embraced as an organization — it is part of our DNA,” said John Seifert, president, CEO, Ogilvy & Mather. “This year’s La Feria ‘Carnaval of Creativity,’ couldn’t be more appropriate, because for us, creativity is the one language everyone speaks and understands.”

LatinRed’s La Feria is dedicated to providing support and education to all employees who identify with Latin culture and community. Over 15 Latin cultures from the Caribbean, North, Central and South America will be showcased via country booths, food, drink, music, art, live entertainment and most importantly, creative work from the various Latin Ogilvy offices.

La Feria: “Carnaval of Creativity,” begins at 4:30 pm and runs until 7:00 pm, and takes place at Ogilvy’s global headquarters in Manhattan, located at the Chocolate Factory on the West Side. When entering the Theater, attendees will be welcomed with festive masks and decorations from various countries, keeping with the ‘Carnaval’ theme.

This year’s sponsors include, Pio Pio, Amuru Pisco Bar, Puerto Rico Rums, Ballet Hispanico, People en’ Espanol, Mira Nectars, Toloache, Cafe Bustello, Mamita Ices, Ink48, Turner Broadcasting, Margon, Cuba, HBO, Progressive Promotions, Unilever, and Leandro & Janet Silva Entertainment.

Ogilvy clients that will be in attendance include American Express, Rums of Puerto Rico, Unilever, Ink48, and affinity groups such as MTV, CNN, Macy’s, Ogilvy Diversity Advisory Board, among others.

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