In November 2013, Facebook announced the launch of their Hispanic segment to allow brands to better target Hispanics on Facebook. In April 2014, they improved the segment by allowing marketers to target Hispanics by language preference.

Today, Facebook has given brands 2 million more reasons to target Hispanics by expanding the Hispanic affinity segment from 26.7 million to 29.1 million.

Not only did Facebook increase the number of Hispanics in their Hispanic affinity segment, they also changed the composition of the segment from a language preference perspective. Prior to this update, Facebook reported that the Hispanic segment consisted of the following language sub-segments:

  • 10 million Spanish dominant (38%)
  • 9 million English dominant (35%)
  • 7 million Bilingual (27%)

Today, the sub-segments have shifted dramatically with a higher number of users identified as Spanish dominant and less as English dominant.

  • 14 million Spanish dominant (48%)
  • 7 million English dominant (24%)
  • 8 million Bilingual (28%)

By all accounts – and certainly what we’ve experienced with our clients – Facebook’s Hispanic affinity segment has been a huge success, with many brands increasing their investment in Facebook advertising to get their messages in front of Hispanics.

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