Once upon a time, multicultural agencies were employed by clients to reach a specific audience, such as African-Americans, Asians and Pacific Islanders, Hispanics and Latinos, or Native Americans. While many agencies where able to thrive within this industry, it was clear that multicultural agencies would need to evolve and adapt to persevere in the marketplace.

A factor that has contributed to the continued success of multicultural agencies is the changing demographics. Markets such as Los Angeles provide multicultural agencies an advantage over a general market agency because of their ability to reach the dominant Hispanic population through strong community relationships, in addition to media outreach targeting bilingual and Spanish-language media outlets.  To read the full story from PR Week click here.

One thought on “Can multicultural agencies compete with general market agencies?”
  1. There is no reason a multicultural agency cannot compete with a general market shop. Simply put — do great work at the projects you have, show up like professionals, and when the time is right ask for another piece of the pie…even a project of mixed multicultural/general market work. It’s the same as an agency representing one division of a company and ultimately proving they can take on and be successful at more.

    Yes, it sounds like a David vs. Goliath story, but if we don’t chase our dreams in earnest, and if we don’t take risks, we will never know what we truly are capable of.

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