NYC-based start-up CAMINTEL has partnered with Post Foods in the successful deployment of ‘engagement marketing’ techniques in the run-up to a concert in Miami. Engagement marketing is an emerging discipline which extends the reach of conventional marketing via smartphones, personal computers, social media, and so-called ‘smart media.’ At the Miami event, CAMINTEL’s NFC technology enabled Post Foods to connect with its customers in novel and creative ways.

Post Foods chose CAMINTEL’s NFC (Near Field Communications) technology to enable and connect with concertgoers via their smartphones, simplifying the event questionnaire process, free music download, and eliminating repetitive data entry. CAMINTEL’s platform enables a mobile engagement between concertgoers when they touch their smartphone on the “Descubre Mas!” call-to-action premium cards handed out to concertgoers.
“I… appreciate the cereal’s commitment to Latinos and their music”
The Miami event, featuring popular Venezuelan duo Chino y Nacho and broadcast by Univision and 98.3 Mix FM, formed part of an ongoing series sponsored by Post Foods brand ‘Honey Bunches of Oats’. It was Post Foods’ first experience with large-scale NFC deployment, and also the first known NFC concert activation event to take place in Miami. Rather than signing in, concertgoers with NFC-enabled smartphones were able to record their arrival by simply tapping their phones against NFC ‘tags’ at the entrances. Post Foods staff used CAMINTEL tags and secure cloud platform to aggregate and analyze data gathered from the concertgoers, enabling the company to deliver precisely-targeted follow-ups.
Mike Foley, Senior Brand Manager at Post Foods with responsibility for US Hispanic & Export commented: “Post Foods has been a part of breakfast for more than 100 years. For generations, we’ve remained dedicated to helping families bring home goodness, and we’ll maintain that commitment for generations to come. We’re very impressed with the way that CAMINTEL’s NFC platform empowered us to reach out to our customers in new and exciting ways, and we believe there will be tremendous synergy and mutual benefit between Post Honey Bunches of Oats and CAMINTEL.”

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