Burrell Communications has announced the formation of a new agency, The subsidiary is called Threshold Nation, and its is designed to deeper marketing and advertising expertise on the multiethnic urban male consumer age 18-34.

According to a statement, Threshold is dedicated to being in lockstep with the target with a focus on gathering specific intelligence celebrating similar psychographics within the entire segment. The new agency will offer corporate clients services that include advertising, account planning, market research consulting, creative support and engagement marketing through strategic non-traditional campaigns.

“The launch of Threshold Nation is groundbreaking because this is the first agency ever that focuses specifically on this elusive segment who are today’s influencers,” said McGhee Williams Osse, Burrell’s Co-CEO. “Burrell is known as an award-winning expert in understanding the African-American urban consumer, and Threshold Nation will take us to the next level with an invigorating philosophy and new thinking about how the advertising industry views this consumer.”
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