The new Spanish TV channel celebrates and supports New York’s local Latino community
This fall, the Spanish channel BuenaVision TV will make its debut in New York City. As its name indicates, “BuenaVision”, Spanish for “good vision,” promises to bring a unique offering to the industry. The innovative channel will focus on making sure that Latinos living in New York City reconnect with their roots, allowing viewers to watch content from the Caribbean and Latin America while also delivering the latest local cultural happenings in the city they now live in and consider home.
The network’s main focus is to provide an experience like no other channel has before, whilst also giving back to the Latino community and providing a platform that will spark pride for their multicultural viewers. A central role in the strategy is to actively engage with their audience through targeted programming, social media platforms, and via an interactive website which will offer daily updates and videos. The programming will include various formats of live music, comedy shows, entertainment news and interviews with renowned Latin and Hollywood personalities. One of BuenaVision’s most anticipated shows focuses on featuring hardworking Latino New Yorkers who have become local heroes and have set a memorable example in their communities.
Spearheading the company’s vision is one of the founders of Latin television, Carlos Barba, also known as “the TV man”.
“The launch of BuenaVision TV is only the beginning of a very special story we are creating for our viewers. We felt that it was about time Latinos had a place where they could reconnect with their roots in an energetic, colorful, and cheerful way,” said Carlos Barba, President and CEO of BuenaVision TV. “Our objective is to provide a platform that will showcase New York Latins’ success stories, inform our viewers of the most relevant local events, and offer a variety of entertainment options. The entire family will enjoy BuenaVision’s positive and fun programming.”

BuenaVision’s unique programming is a result of the established partnerships with ColorVision Channel 9 in Dominican Republic and Teleoro Channel 13 in Puerto Rico. These partnerships will allow BuenaVision to offer a selected assortment of the highest rated TV shows that air in these markets, while bringing viewers a taste of pride and heritage to their very own living rooms in the US, in their homes away from home. As the audience embraces the channel, the plan is to continue expanding BuenaVision’s partnerships with other channels in neighboring Latin American countries, with the goal of constantly providing content that the community asks for and enjoys.

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