The Spanish-language variety TV network BuenaVision TV partnered with RCTV, a longstanding Venezuelan TV station and production company with more than 50 years on-air, adding selected shows to the network’s lineup and expanding its extensive programming grid for Spanish-speaking audiences in the New York City metro area.

RCTV shows coming soon on BuenaVision TV will bring a new dosage of comedy and dynamism to the network. “BuenaVision TV takes great pride in broadcasting a wide array of shows for many different tastes, especially coming from RCTV, an iconic TV network in Venezuela that had been entertaining Hispanics for half a century before the national government seized their property and made them shut down operations. At BuenaVision TV, we are very happy to bring RCTV back to life through our network so that all of the talent that has been entertaining people for years can find a gateway of expression in the United States, a country of liberties and opportunities. These shows will bring an additional share of laughter and entertainment for our audience, which we are sure they will enjoy,” shares Carlos Barba, President and CEO of BuenaVision TV.


Starting January 2013, the RCTV shows that will join BuenaVision TV’s programming grid include:


Loco Video Loco

A candid camera show that uncovers every-day people, going through very funny situations created by the show’s team of pranksters.


Pareja Dispareja

A game show that puts love to the test through risky questions and challenges. Contestants will face a very tough panel of judges where they will have to prove what they are made of in order to win fabulous prices. Pareja dispareja is a show that promises to cause quite a stir.


Aprieta y Gana

This is the battle of the sexes! Four female celebrities compete against four male celebrities in various games to win points, prizes, and to be declared the stronger sex.


El Reventon de la Risa

This show presents a wide repertoire of witty, laugh-bursting sketches, performed by renowned Hispanic comedians.

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