Facebook LogoIn a move that is sure to cheer Hispanic marketers and Latino bloggers alike, Facebook just issued the following statement regarding the use of promotions on Facebook:

Promotion Policy Changes

We have some exciting updates regarding the administration of promotions on Facebook:

  1. We no longer require prior written Facebook approval to administer a promotion on Facebook.
  2. We no longer require a minimum media spend threshold to support the promotion.

As a result of these changes, you can now run a promotion on Facebook without seeking approval or permission from Facebook.

Please note that any promotion you administer is still subject to ourPromotion Guidelines , and that these guidelines require that the promotion be administered on Facebook Platform.  As a result, in addition to complying with our Promotion Guidelines, promotions on Facebook must also comply with our Facebook Platform Policies .

While promotions must continue to adhere to our policies, we think this update will create new opportunities for brands and developers on Facebook Platform.

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