I don’t know about you, but sometimes the sheer number of options we have available today to market our brands… to tell our story… can be overwhelming. Brian Solis and his buddies at JESS3 have simplified things for us by breaking the brand story down into 5 digital media landscapes:

  1. Paid: Digital advertising, banners, adwords, overlays
  2. Owned: Created assets, custom content
  3. Earned: Brand-related conversations and user-generated content
  4. Promoted: in-stream or social paid promotions vehicles (e.g. Twitter’s Promoted products and Facebook’s Sponsored Stories)
  5. Shared: Open platforms or communities where customers co-create and collaborate with brands. (e.g. Dell’s IdeaStorm and Starbuck’s MyStarbucksIdea.)

In addition to a good planning tool, this could be really helpful when discussing options with clients. Just click on the image to enlarge, and right-click to save.

Brian wrote a nice post to explain the concept – make sure you check it out on his blog.


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