Researcher Smarty Finds Five Brands That Are in and Five That Are out With Both Parents and Kids

Think the Nintendo Wii is yesterday’s news and Burger King still rocks? Then you’re not on the same page with typical American families.

Youth and family market researcher Smarty Pants’ second annual survey of children and their parents revealed that the Wii is still tops with families, while Burger King took one of its biggest brand drops of 2010. “We often find that the news and media hype doesn’t always sync up with what’s important or interesting to families,” said Wynne Tyree, founder and president of Smarty Pants.

Smarty Pants ranked 271 brands this year (up from 260 last year) across 29 characteristics in its “Young Love” survey. The online query of more than 4,700 kids aged 6 to 12 and their parents begins with the parents taking the survey; they are then interrupted to invite their children to complete a mini-questionnaire. Ms. Tyree went through the data with Advertising Age and culled five “family pleaser” brands, as well as several “family disappointers.”

Read the entire article at AdAge.

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