As use of social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook continue to grow, brands are increasing adoption of social media campaigns – and getting more creative with them. In addition to working with bloggers for sponsored posts, etc., the re-emergence of sponsored sections on portals and other social sites is becoming more popular, because it’s an investment that’s proven to deliver.

Taking branded content to consumers at portals or on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter has emerged as an answer to the problem of finding or aggregating the perfect audience. That’s because the audience already exists and it gives companies one-on-one conversations that provide an opportunity to fundamentally change how they market themselves.

The portal Yahoo in the past two months launched destinations for three top brands: American Express: Business Solutions; Ram Truck: Ram Country on Yahoo Music; and State Farm: Ready, Set, Dance! And, updated new features on Bank of America: Financially Fit. Then in April, Toyota launched Who Knew? on Yahoo News.

Years ago, brands built microsites, but not anymore, according to Mitch Spolan, Yahoo’s VP of North American field sales. “It’s all based on the insight that when consumers look for something we must fill that need on Yahoo,” he says. “We took the formula and repeated it several times because it works.”

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