When times are tough, con­sumers typically opt­ for less-expensive prod­ucts in order to save money. Although lower-income house­holds are more likely to trade down, one group breaks the mold—Spanish-dominant His­pan­ics. In fact, lat­est research from Mintel finds that lower-income, Spanish-dominant His­pan­ics are still buy­ing name brand per­sonal care prod­ucts at a higher rate than their English-dominant counterparts.

Sixty-four per­cent of His­pan­ics sur­veyed who have an income of $25,000-$49,999 say they still buy name brand body soaps or shower gels. Mean­while, 64% of Spanish-dominant His­pan­ics, com­pared to 58% of English-dominant His­pan­ics say they con­tinue to buy name brand body soaps or shower gels despite the eco­nomic downturn.

“Spanish-dominant His­pan­ics are most likely to stick to their favorite brand of hand soap, body soap and shower gel, sig­ni­fy­ing that less accul­tur­ated His­pan­ics remain loyal to the same brand despite the econ­omy,” says Leylha Ahuile, senior mul­ti­cul­tural ana­lyst at Mintel. “English-dominant His­pan­ics tend to have higher house­hold incomes and appar­ently are less con­cerned with brand name soaps and more focused on sav­ing money.”

Spanish-dominant con­sumers are also more likely to stick to their favorite name brand lotions (51% vs. 35% of English-dominant con­sumers), facial cleansers (27% vs. 20% of English-dominant con­sumers) and tooth­paste or mouth­wash (69% vs. 65% of English-dominant con­sumers), refus­ing to trade down to more afford­able pri­vate label per­sonal care products.

“In spite of His­pan­ics’ lower-than-average house­hold income level, they indexed higher than non-Hispanics in the con­sump­tion of per­sonal care prod­ucts in 2009,” notes Leylha Ahuile. “Over the last six years, His­pan­ics have con­sis­tently increased their spend­ing on per­sonal care prod­ucts. And within per­sonal care, His­pan­ics index higher than non-Hispanics in the sub­cat­e­gories of hair­care prod­ucts and bath products.”

How­ever, lower-income His­pan­ics are still inter­ested in sav­ing a few dol­lars with mul­ti­func­tional products—65% of those who earn $25,000-$49,999 are inter­ested in two-in-one shampoo/conditioner and 83% would be more inclined to pur­chase tooth­paste that can also serve as a mouth­wash and whitener.


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