Aveda’s Online Employee Activism Helps Drive Brand Evangelism

Rachael Ostrom has worked for Aveda for more than a decade. She is responsible for cause-related marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), loyalty marketing, digital marketing, advertising and ecommerce globally. Ostrom spoke with eMarketer writer/analyst Tobi Elkin about the role social media and online word-of-mouth play in influencing beauty product purchase decisions and shared her insights about Aveda’s use of social media.

eMarketer: What role does social media and online word-of-mouth play in decision-making about health and beauty brand purchases?

Rachael Ostrom: With social media, you’re hearing about and seeing what your friends are doing and buying—what they like. It helps facilitate purchase decisions and everything around using a product, applying makeup, qualifying the right product for your skin and skin tone.
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