Borden Dairy Company today announced that two of Mexico’s favorite LALA product lines are now available for the first time in the U.S. The first offerings arrive on retailers’ shelves this month in Southern California, and include LALA Frutas dairy and fruit beverage and LALA Oaxaca Cheese. The products will be available to Texas consumers later this year. “An estimated 10 million Hispanic individuals reside in Southern California, and they are interested in authentic Mexican brands with a genuine, made-in-Mexico taste. We are thrilled to bring some of Mexico’s most-loved LALA products to our customers in the U.S. Whether they remember growing up with these brands or want to introduce them to their children, Borden is happy to deliver the true taste of Mexico,” said Jenica Oliver, senior director of brand marketing and innovation at Borden Dairy Company. LALA Frutas is an innovative mix of cultured low fat milk and fruit, providing flavor and nutrition to adults and children alike. According to Nielsen research, 50 percent of consumers don’t prefer plain milk. LALA Frutas, available in great-tasting strawberry and mango flavors, makes it easy and fun for everyone to get a daily dose of dairy. Additionally, the product is packaged in Tetra Gemina eco-friendly packaging that is more ergonomic than current gable top packaging and keeps the product fresher longer. LALA Oaxaca Cheese is a stringy, hand-twisted queso with a smooth, mild flavor perfect for snacking. With a low melting point, the cheese creates a delicious and satiating quesadilla filling. “We have made it a top priority to keep formulations and packaging the same as in Mexico to ensure brand authenticity and nostalgia. It’s all about delivering the best of the best for those missing the tastes of home,” said Oliver.  

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