BodenPR has launched BodenStudio, a U.S. Hispanic Social Media Creative Content Hub. The hub is powered by a team of illustrators, animators, designers, videographers and bilingual copywriters and claims to offer content creation services specifically for the U.S. Hispanic market.

By leveraging key U.S. Hispanic social media insights, BodenStudio will create culturally relevant content – including original photography, illustrations, animations, videos and gifs. The services also include predictive and real-time content production.

“Hispanic millennials are incredible curators, navigating across many cultures,” said Natalie Boden, founder and managing director of BodenPR. “They’re going to choose the content they share and engage with on social much like they choose the brands they buy: based on how the content is reflecting their passions and interests.”

Through BodenStudio, brands can connect and build relationships with U.S. Hispanic consumers across social media platforms. Hispanics are mobile-first, socially connected consumers. Of the 21 million Hispanic millennials living in the U.S., more than 60 percent of them are online. According to the Pew Research Center’s Internet Project, U.S. Hispanic adults over index on their use of social media at 80 percent compared to 72 percent for the nation overall. They are also 211 percent more likely to download online content than the general population.

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