BodenPR introduced this week its brand-new Nuestros Emojis, a collection of Hispanic culture-inspired Emojis. From an arepa to a cafecitoNuestros Emojis, a first of its kind, aims to put Latin culture at our fingertips.

Currently, BodenPR is nationally crowdsourcing on their Facebook page for input on Nuestros Emojis from Hispanics across the U.S. in order to launch the keyboard in early 2016.

“We are over 50 million Hispanics in the U.S. and yet we don’t have our own Emojis! We speak in English, Spanish and Spanglish, ” Natalie Boden, founder and Managing Director of BodenPR, explained. “Nuestros Emojis transcends that and allows us to communicate our culture in ways that words just can’t. Sometimes a TQM can say more than a thousand words.”

Part of what BodenPR hopes to communicate with the launch of this new product is its commitment to philanthropy, as well. A percentage of the proceeds from Nuestros Emojis will go to Our Little Roses in endorsement of organizations that support at-risk girls.

“At BodenPR, we don’t just have a deep understanding of the underpinnings of the Latina consumer; we’re also dedicated to investing in her,” Boden said. “We sit on the Latina Advisory Board of Girls, Inc., we are loyal sponsor of Latinas Think Big, supporting women entrepreneurs, and for several years now have donated a portion of our profits to Our Little Roses. Our Little Roses provides a full-time residential home for at-risk girls in Honduras. They are dedicated to transforming these girls into productive, joyful, and independent young women.”

You can find a sample of the new culturally-inspired emojis on the BodenPR Facebook page.

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