Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas announced today that more than 100 community organizations across the state have joined its Be Covered educational campaign to help engage, educate and enroll the uninsured.  Since its launch in March, the Be Covered Texas campaign now includes 103 organizations, and continues outreach to additional groups. Campaign partners include business organizations, civic groups, religious and faith-based organizations, health and wellness groups, community groups, educational groups, and physician organizations or clinics.

In addition to providing a bilingual website, materials and a text campaign, Be Covered Texas has also launched a bilingual consumer education hotline: 1-866-427-7492. Consumers can call this toll-free number Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CDT for more information about requirements of the new federal health care law.

“We are proud to have more than 100 community partners in this effort to prepare uninsured Texans for the enrollment period that begins October 1st,” said Michelle Riddell, Chair of the Be Covered Texas campaign and Vice President of Community Investment for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas. “We are working with our partners to reach uninsured Texans in the places they live, work, worship, text and tweet. Our momentum is growing, and we will continue to recruit new partners and participate in education events and communications across the state.”

Since the campaign launch, Be Covered Texas has continued grassroots outreach and education efforts by working with its partner organizations at educational events and through local communications and publications, including newsletters, emails and social media. For example, in early June, a Be Covered Texas representative was invited to speak to more than 7,000 congregants at Sunday services at Windsor Village UMC.

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