Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced Thursday he will invest his own money in a new, $130 million city initiative to help black and Latino men get ahead. The Bloomberg Administration calls it the nation’s boldest and most comprehensive effort to reduce racial disparities.

“When we look at poverty rates, graduation rates, crime rates, employment rates — one thing stands out,” Bloomberg said. “Blacks and Latinos are not fully sharing in the promise of American freedom.”

The initiative will target the city’s 315,000 black and Latino men between the ages of 16 and 24, aiming to increase graduation and employment rates and keep young blacks and Latinos out of prison. The project will involve dozens of city agencies in providing programs like job placement and fatherhood classes.

Read the entire article at WNYC News.

One thought on “Bloomberg Pledges $30 Million to City Initiative Aimed at Black & Latino Men”
  1. I really hope they are transparent with the spending & it leads to more digital literacy in our communities…

    My father is 52 yr old Mexicano ipad owner who is now truly unlocking his potential via the internet & e-learning sites/tutorilals/how’to vids etc.

    In my opinion, the American dream has never been more possible than today & the Latinos community will be more empowered than ever.

    love your blog!

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