Blint Shakes, the developers of the world’s first automated kiosk that dispenses freshly blended protein shakes, announced that their founder and CEO, Oscar Perez, was named “Hero of the Month” by Latino Fitness Magazine.

As reported by the magazine, after receiving the bad news from his doctor that his health was in peril, Perez wanted to improve his nutritional intake. He spent over 2 years researching to find the right ingredients to make the perfect protein shake. Eventually, he perfected his “secret recipe” for the ultimate protein shake.

But then he faced the problem of how to get this nutritious drink out to the public.

He studied many options, including retail distribution and opening a juice bar.

Then he came upon the idea to have his protein shakes available in a high-tech type of vending machine, so they could be enjoyed by everyone, everywhere.

After more research and development, he had the winning combination: A great, first-of-its-kind vending system that dispensed the only all natural, custom-blended protein shakes, freshly made one-at-a-time using the highest quality ingredients, from a beautiful self-service kiosk.

Thus, Blint Shakes was born.

Recently, the company announced that they had struck a deal with one of the largest fitness center chains in America, to place units in key locations nationwide. They have also set up key distributorships throughout Canada, and are working with qualified distributors in other states.

Blint Shakes Company Founder and CEO, Oscar Perez, said that he is pleased to be named “Hero of the Month,” but feels that the real heroes are his family. “They have to put up with me, through my sickness and through the countless hours I spent developing this company,” he said.  “I never would have made it this far without their support.”

The high tech systems, built by AVT, are planned to be placed in high-traffic areas including health clubs, youth centers, airports, malls, campuses, business centers, hospitals, hotels, gyms and other locations worldwide.

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