On July 21, viewers’ favorite Latin stars will be honored during Univision’s popular awards show Premios Juventud (Youth Awards) in the movie, sports, soap opera and pop culture categories. Similar to the show’s voting system, the hair care brand Suave Professionals is proud to announce its partnership with the beautiful and talented Blanca Soto in the “Elige Mi Peinado” (Choose My Hairstyle) contest, which will give Blanca’s fans the opportunity to choose the hairstyle she will wear for the night, and it will be revealed when she struts the red carpet.

“Vote for My Hairstyle and We Could Meet in Miami”

The winning hairstyle for the star of the hit Univision soap opera “Eva Luna” will be created by celebrity stylist and Suave Professionals spokesperson, Leonardo Rocco. To promote the campaign, Suave is inviting users to logon to Univision.com, Uniclave: Belleza Suave, and vote for the hairstyle that they like the most.

The contest “Elige Mi Peinado” (Choose My Hairstyle) will be open to participants from June 20 until the night before Premios Juventud, where Blanca will compete to win in the “Actriz Que Se Roba La Pantalla” (She Steals the Show) and “Chica Que Me Quita El Sueno” (Girl of My Dreams) categories.

After voting for the favorite hairstyle, Blanca’s followers will be directed to the Suave Professionals Spanish-language Facebook page, Belleza Suave, where they will be able to participate in “Look Beautiful Like a Star” for the chance to win a weekend trip to Miami with a friend for a luxurious dinner with Blanca. In addition, to strut with more style that night, Rocco will give the lucky winner a special make-over, which includes a hairstyle, make-up application and new outfit!

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