Black History Month is About Real People that Impacted My Life

Mike McQueen and Bernadette Morris both marked my life by opening doors of opportunities for me.

In order to bring Black History Month to life, I like to tell my children about real African Americans that have impacted my life so today I want to acknowledge two Black Americans (a man and a woman) who blessed my life personally and professionally.

The first individual, Mike McQueen, played an important role in my career in the early 1990s when I was only a police desk cub reporter at The Miami Herald.  McQueen, as we fondly called Mike, was a brilliant assistant city editor who was as popular in the newsroom for his sharp, wise cracking humor as we was for being a reporter’s editor.  During my time at The Herald’s police desk, Mike was often the ONLY editor who consistently gave this blue-collar kid from Miami’s Little Havana the opportunities to go out on real “live” crime story assignments.  Before he succumbed to cancer in 2009, I was fortunate enough to tell him how much I appreciated what he did for me. Read More »