The La Costeña and Jumex brands have partnered with Captura Group to launch, a new bilingual digital platform showcasing recipes and tips focused on the true essence of Mexican cuisine and food products. Targeting both US Hispanic consumers and general market foodies, showcases traditional and contemporary Mexican recipes featuring La Costeña and Jumex products as well as associated cooking tips, ideas, and inspiration.

Captura Group collaborated with Vilore Foods, the US distributor of La Costeña and Jumex, on the strategic planning and digital execution of, including consumer insights, brand definition, responsive website design and development, social media strategy and influencer and content marketing. Captura Group applied its extensive Hispanic digital experience to create an integrated digital platform for Vilore Foods that will drive brand awareness and sales.

In a written statement, the Vilore Foods Marketing Department mentioned, “We are delighted to have partnered with Captura Group to leverage their expertise in Hispanic online marketing in order to effectively position La Costeña and Jumex in the digital arena”.  Over the past months, Vilore Foods and Captura Group have collaborated on creating a holistic digital initiative that is focused on the true essence of Mexican culinary arts and food products from a contemporary lifestyle perspective. “Our approach with is to educate consumers about genuine Mexican cuisine and inspire them through recipes and tips. We are proud to have created a comprehensive, bilingual digital communication platform that is scalable and adaptable to the evolving Mexican food and beverage landscape for consumers and retail customers alike”.

As more food companies realize that Hispanic consumers are critical for growth, many are turning to digital channels to educate Hispanic consumers about their products in order to drive brand awareness, affinity, and sales. Recent studies from Nielsen and Google indicate that food related searches among U.S. Hispanics are up 70% and the number one thing US Hispanic women search for online are recipes. “Captura Group is proud to have partnered with Vilore Foods to created The platform links the La Costeña and Jumex brands to the true essence of Mexican cuisine in a relevant way for consumers,” said Lee Vann, CEO of Captura Group. “From the brand identity development to the bilingual, responsive website design, positions Vilore Foods in the Hispanic digital space as a trusted partner in authentic Mexican cooking,” says Vann.

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