I was unable to stay for the entirety of the PRSA International Conference, but I kept up with the sessions via Twitter. One session that kept my interest and was of great importance was the session on diversity. A good friend and colleague (and a friend of the blog), James A. Walker, presented. I pulled some of the best tweets from #socdiv twitter feed to explain the content of the session and to highlight the high points of the session in 140 characters or less:

Socially Diverse Presentation Slides – PRSA International Conference #PRSA_IC #socdiv http://post.ly/15N9L via @jaywalk1 (James Walker) — Check out the slides. Some great information is on the slides.

stephnewton Stephanie Newton
If you want to reach other markets, you have to surround yourself by people you want to be reaching. #socdiv

jwmorganjr qumediaman
#PRSA_ic Being Politically correct is not the same as being culturally correct.

amandamogul Amanda Littlejohn
Acknowledge instead of avoid. You can’t tip toe around diversity. Be humble and ask the right questions. #socdiv #prsa_ic

amandamogul Amanda Littlejohn
You can start at home but you can’t stay at home. #socdiv#prsa_ic

jwmorganjr qumediaman
#socdiv #PRSA_ic Dealing with diversity means dealing with labels.

amandamogul Amanda Littlejohn
There’s a growing group of father bloggers-#PR pros are they on your radar? #socdiv #prsa_ic

**One of these blogs was given a shout-out in the session: the Hispanic father blog, papiblogger, which is run by uber-multitasker/many irons in the fire PR professional  Manny Ruiz (@papiblogger).

polishedImage Robin Fisher
RT @amandamogul: That’s the power of intention. Put your intention out there. The universe will meet you. #socdiv #prsa_ic

jwmorganjr qumediaman
#PRSA_ic Get curious about people and their backgrounds.

amandamogul Amanda Littlejohn
Use different people in different communities as your guides#socdiv #prsa_ic

cubanalaf Lauren Fernandez
What is your #SocDiv universe? Some use only their blog, others branch out. Twitter, communities, meetups – where’s your voice?#prsa_ic

jwmorganjr qumediaman
#socdiv #PRSA_ic Social media mirrors, reflects and creates culture.

Another hat tip to James: He blogged about the first day of his conference in detail: James also wrapped up the conference nicely on his blog:

jaywalk1 jaywalk
Socially Diverse PRSA Day 1 Update – #PRSA_IChttp://post.ly/1595Y #socdiv

Submitted by Natalie Tindall.  Natalie is an assistant professor of public relations at Georgia State University. She specializes in diversity and identity in public relations and teaches Public Relations Writing, PR Research and Campaigns.

SOURCE PRSA Diversity Today

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