Hispanic customers who shop on the web are giving their time and money to Best Buy in appreciation of its effort to speak their language. Best Buy offers an almost complete duplicate of its main English language website in Spanish at http://espanol.bestbuy.com/enes/.

As a result, Best Buy finds that users of its Spanish language spend twice as much time on the website and also spend twice as much money per visit. “Latinos are giving us credit in being leaders in the e-commerce space in services to them,” says Ana Grace, global web team product manager. As a Latino herself, whose family moved to the mainland U.S. from Puerto Rico when she was a child, Grace is proud of that result. “It’s definitely a passion point for me.”

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One thought on “Best Buy en Español Profits By Serving the Hispanic Market Better”
  1. Kudos to Best Buy for being at the forefront of e-commerce for Corporate America; more and more clients are understanding that people are more inclined to make a purchase – and are even willing to pay more! – if it is marketed to them in their own language. Quick heads-up, Best Buy: in the home page, “Ahora puede pedir artículos en línea y recibir el pedido en UN dirección de EE.UU.” should read “una” dirección.

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