NEW YORK, NY–The Magic Johnson Foundation, “Magic Johnson” and Best Buy will unveil a CSR initiative that involves doing a technological makeover at the Magic Johnson Foundation Community Empowerment Center at Taino Towers in Harlem, on Friday, March 26th.

Established in the 1960s, Taino Towers sits at the entry to Spanish Harlem. This ethnically diverse housing development is home to approximately 4,500 residents of which 77% are Hispanic or Latino.

Through new product integration, and on-site support from Best Buy’s Geek Squad, the updated center will have a more effective configuration to create a connected classroom environment as well as expanded curriculum enabled by new technology.

Tours and demonstrations will be conducted by Best Buy and center representatives. Magic Johnson Enterprises and Best Buy formed a strategic partnership in support of urban development and community enrichment programs. The Magic Johnson Foundation Community Empowerment Center and Best Buy have supported Harlem in a variety of ways, including hosting a 2009 Geek Squad Summer Academy (GSSA) for the kids of Taino Towers. GSSA’s mission is to inspire younger generations’ directinvolvement with technology and better prepare them to adapt to the technological world in which we live. More recently, Best Buy hosted a

hiring fair at Taino Towers in preparation for a new Best Buy store
opening in Harlem.

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