Lance Rios’ Facebook fan page BeingLatino ( is apparently down and Rios says he’s not sure if it’s been officially frozen by Facebook but it comes on the heels of attacks to his blog web site.

Hispanicize’s editorial team is requesting comment from Facebook’s media department and will have an update shortly.  In the meantime, Rios told HispanicTips that he’s not sure what’s going on but it’s impacting his page of more than 50,000 fans:

Lance Ríos: “All that I could gather is that if a “significant” amount of people mark page’s post as inappropriate, FB freezes it. You can either appeal it or it is shut down for good. I’ve made the appeal, let’s see what happens. Doesn’t seem to me that we’ve violated any of their terms. This happened to our wordpress site two weeks ago. This is not a coincidence, it’s an organized coordinated attack.

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