Arbitron has recognized Beatriz R. Perez, Chief Sustainability Officer and former Chief Marketing Officer for the North American Division of The Coca-Cola Company, as its 2011 Arbitron Multicultural Marketing Honoree.

“Arbitron is recognizing Ms. Perez for her unwavering commitment to multicultural marketing and for her support of radio as a medium that provides unique connections with America’s diverse consumers,” said Sean Creamer, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Arbitron Inc. “As the former Chief Marketing Officer at The Coca-Cola Company, Ms. Perez has used radio and the power of music to go beyond the boundaries of marketing to touch people’s lives and stir their emotions.”

Sean Creamer presented the honor to Ms. Perez on behalf of Arbitron and radio broadcasters during a private reception at the Miami Fontainebleau Hotel on Monday November 7, 2011. The invitation-only event was also attended by radio broadcasters, advertisers and marketers.

For the past two years, Arbitron has recognized individuals who have excelled in the practice of multicultural marketing and who have supported radio as an effective means of reaching America’s diverse audiences. Last year’s honor was presented to Mr. Bill Lamar, retired Chief Marketing Officer of McDonald’s.

Ms. Beatriz R. Perez, currently Chief Sustainability Officer of The Coca-Cola Company is responsible for creating and overseeing an integrated, global sustainability strategy; setting goals and commitments; assessing and driving scaled investments; and managing and tracking key global partnerships and projects.

During her tenure as the Chief Marketing Officer for the North American Division of The Coca-Cola Company from 2010-2011, Ms. Perez was responsible for knowledge and insights, integrated marketing communication, brand programming, media, sports/entertainment, interactive marketing, Hispanic American consumer marketing, African American consumer marketing, digital marketing, marketing capability, and the university marketing recruitment program.

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