Barilla Celebrates the Holidays with Latin-Inspired Recipes like Barilla Spaghetti with Pecan Chipotle Sauce (Image credit: PRNewsFoto).


Just in time for the holidays, Barilla has partnered with three influential Hispanic food bloggers in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York, to create new and unique pasta recipes with a Latin twist. These recipes are a great way to put a new spin on traditional pasta dishes that are perfect to enjoy with family and friends for the holidays. With the launch of Pasta a Tu Estilo (, Barilla’s most recent Spanish-language website, all these great recipes now have a new home and can be found in both English and Spanish.

Laura Muller of Las Recetas de Laura, Nicole Presley from Presley’s Pantry, and Alejandra Ramos of Always Order Dessert, were each selected as Barilla brand ambassadors to create custom Latin-inspired pasta recipes that are quick, easy, and represent a celebration of their unique Hispanic identities.

Offering their own twists on traditional pasta entrees con su sazon, Muller, Ramos, and Presley, along with the help of Latina Bloggers Connect, have produced nearly 30 unique recipes, offering quick and simple meals for the entire family.

Here are some signature recipes from each of our bloggers that have been created for this upcoming holiday season:


Barilla Spaghetti with Pecan Chipotle Sauce by Laura Muller

Steak Picado with Barilla Pasta by Nicole Presley

Chimichurri Pasta Salad with Barilla by Alejandra Ramos


“Barilla pasta and Hispanic cuisine are a perfect combination. The variety of our pasta shapes allows for Latinas to not only keep their traditional dishes alive, but also allows them to create new versions of these dishes in creative ways. The quality of our pasta can complement any Hispanic recipe since the pasta won’t stick, break or clump and will result in a meal that everyone can enjoy,” saysCammie Slikker, Brand Manager for the Barilla Group.

These unique recipes along with many more Latin-inspired dishes, perfect for the holidays, can be found at along with a chance to win $5,000.