Barilla, maker of Italy’s #1 pasta brand, is celebrating Latinas’ creativity in the kitchen and passion for new flavors with the launch of its latest campaign, Latino Italian Fusion. Combining two family favorites—Latino flavors and spices and traditional Italian ingredients—Barilla has partnered with celebrity Chef Ingrid Hoffmann to develop delicious and unique recipes, as part of a video series that perfectly captures el sazón Latino in re-imagined pasta dishes.

Ingrid’s recipes include Chicken and Penne Puerto Rican Style, Prosciutto Tallarines Verdes, Veracruz Shrimp Rotini, and Kale Chorizo Lasagna Rollatini, each of which uses Barilla pasta as a blank canvas to infuse the two cuisines.

“I am excited to be a part of Latino Italian Fusion because it’s a movement that inspires Latinas to be creative with a pantry staple like pasta while remaining true to the ingredients, spices, and flavor combinations they already know and love. Barilla has a variety of pasta shapes to choose from making it super simple for Latinas to create unique pasta dishes whether they are traditional or reinvented, any night of the week,” explains Ingrid Hoffmann.

The how-to video series is available on, where Latinas can also find tips for quick and easy recipes for family dinners and ideas for holiday meals. Inspired by the diversity of Latin cuisine, Barilla is collaborating with premier Latino chefs to develop a roster of Latin-inspired pasta dishes exclusively for Latino Italian Fusion that captures the flavors of Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America.

Barilla recognizes the high caliber of taste and quality Latinas seek for their family’s meals and Latino Italian Fusion incorporates the highest quality pasta for them to foster their creativity in the kitchen. “It is about providing an inspirational playground of traditional pasta recipes infused with Latino flavors and spices to spark creativity in the kitchen,” said Melissa Tendick, Vice President of Marketing for Barilla. “Sharing the table with family and friends is an integral part of both Italian and Latino culture alike, and a great way for families and friends to share quality time with one another. Barilla believes the quality of a meal has a direct impact on the quality of the meal experience. By inspiring moms through new Latino Italian pasta recipes, we hope to make meal time even more of a special occasion, especially during this holiday season.”

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