Azteca America has announced unprecedented live coverage of the 2012 presidential and congressional elections reported by an extensive network of correspondents throughout the country, also covering key battleground states.

Noticiero Azteca America, anchored by journalists Roberto Ruiz and Christian Lara, will deliver live updates throughout Election Day, November 6, in addition to extended segments during the Noticiero Azteca America national newscast.

Additionally, an in-depth live analysis program featuring exclusive interviews with U.S. political leaders will be broadcast with a special focus on relevant topics for the Latino community on November 6 as polls close.

“The 2012 presidential and congressional elections are a watershed moment for the Latino community and an opportunity for the fastest-growing component of the U.S. population to express their preferences for the direction of this country,” said Azteca America Chairman Luis J. Echarte. “We’ll be with them, with up-to-date information at every stage off the election process.”

Azteca America will also transmit a special post-election show on November 7, live at 9:00pm EST/8:00pm CST/ 6:00pm PST.  The program, entitled “Especial Elecciones 2012 Voto Latino Desde Studio 1” will be hosted by Christian Lara and feature live commentary with Armando Guzman fromWashington and with Roberto Ruiz from Chicago.

“The U.S. political landscape has become dramatically altered over the last four years,” said Azteca America CEO Martin Breidsprecher.  “The issues that most affect Latinos, in particular those of Mexican origin, have intensified and the stakes for the Hispanic population are unparalleled in American history.”


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